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Artisanal Wines

A wine which promotes a cornucopia of different varieties and styles, celebrates indigenous grapes, and is produced following local traditions. 

These are genuine wines united by the same core principles and techniques, wines made with local grapes, created with revived local tradition and savoir faire. 

Artisanal Wines are not dependent on fashionable trends or industrial mind sets. 

Artisanal wines are born out of great care for the land, for the environment, for the health and the wellbeing of every single part of the process. This results in wines that are holistic and wholesome. 

Nowadays being an informed consumer means knowing the difference between all the methods in the wine making spectrum from classical to artisanal. Our heartfelt mission is to introduce you to the wonderful world of artisanal wines and share our knowledge of this classical and natural form of wine making with you.

artisanal wines


Our values begin with the human factor – This is the foundation of our philosophy. In our experience living the good life depends largely on the people we choose to surround ourselves with. 

As the famous Chef Corrado Assenza noted, “If you want something in line with your principles you have to look for the person, not the object, once you have found the right person you will see how this is reflected in their product”.

We live by these words and that’s why we love to introduce you to the people who share our views and our principles: our community, our friends, the craftsmen, the makers, the Chefs, the restaurant owners, the passionate people we’re happy to know.

We strongly support the small producers who practice what they preach, closely following every step of the process, from working the land, to producing and hosting.



Italy is a country blessed with a rich and generous biodiversity: from fields to grapevines, from olive groves to orchards, from gardens to meadows, forests, seas and mountains, everywhere you turn there is something to enchant you.

Adding to the geographical diversity, a rich local culture and history have rendered every area unique, with local characteristics growing into distinguishable and intrinsic cultural traits.

Every region has its own history, its own tradition, and its own specific kind of grapes. The latter are cultivated and transformed according to the old ways or interpreted with a modern twist, by the new generations. 

Our job is to facilitate your experience of this local knowledge, to enhance your revelation through food, wine, and interaction with the right people.


We look forward to introducing you to a world of “good, clean and right” things, as Slow Food Italy calls them. Our values stand for sustainable practices: ones that take everything into consideration, from the environment and agriculture to the core values shared by a community. 

Our greatest desire is to show you the true authenticity of a place and of its people. Furthermore, we will strive to engage you in that reality, to increase your participation in the real nature of things, guiding you to experience their bare, charming simplicity.