Porchetta Tour in Umbria May 2020


Also known as your next culinary adventure in the green heart of Italy!

Whether you’re just recovering from Thanksgiving dinners or already going through holiday gifts, plans and resolutions for 2020, this is one experience you don’t want to miss!Take Italy’s street food darling, sprinkle some genuinely good wine, intimate cookingexciting gatherings and raised spirits and roll them all under Umbria‘s balmy spring sun. This 4 days delight is bound to be a feast of the senses, tailored to cater for your every need, and to take you down the path of exquisite simplicity: in both taste and living. Mark these dates, because between 21-25 May 2020 you’re in for quite a treat!

Cook like a local

Roll up your sleeves for some serious cooking classes and copious dinners courtesy of Signora Letizia, our long-time collaborator and Alla Madonna Del Piatto perfect host near Assisi (trust National Geographic, Food and Wine Magazine or The New York Times on this).

One of a kind tours

It’s been 5 years since we’ve been creating the Porchetta Tour experience, and we couldn’t be more proud! We make it our job to offer you an unforgettable trip, filled with beauty and genuine connection, staying clear of beaten tracks and impersonal approaches. We have a strong passion for all things Umbrian and we want you to get a taste of how it’s like to truly live like a local!

Get the inside scoop

When was the last time you had an Italian chef teaching you how to cook, while also just casually having an amazing time in his kitchen? With Salvatore Denaro you’re bound to have your cake and eat it, too, as he’s definitely someone you’re not likely to forget anytime soon. Yes, singing is involved and there’s a high risk you’ll be falling in love.

Stick to the recipe

Porchetta [porˈketta] is one of Italy’s most popular street foods, a whole roasted pig with crispy skin and an unmistakable rich, herbal flavor. Even though there are many regional variations, Umbria prides itself with being the birthplace of such mouthwatering stuff, so this porchetta is stuffed with the pig’s chopped livers and generously seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, wild fennel and sometime rosemary or lard. After being slowly roasted in wood ovens, like tradition has it, it is then sliced and served sandwiched in a crusty bread roll. Yes, it’s the closest thing to taste buds heaven. Yes, even the New York Times wrote about it.

An ode to joy and simplicity

 You can get 4 days of tasting it from the best makers all over Italy, learn how to do it yourself, visit family run wineries and authentic trattorias, visit Assisi with a professional guide and generally just have a wicked good time in an intimate group, bent on enjoying life’s simple pleasures. After all, it’s all about reconnecting: to land, to food, to people, to yourself and to the very fabric of life. Trust us, it’s all a lot easier with a glass of good natural wine and some really tasty porchetta!
Or, better yet, trust our reviews 🙂

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